Mathematics is not Preparation for life; Mathematics is life itself !”

Our Vision 

Within the next three years, our vision is to help students excel in academics and experience holistic growth to create and Implement a comprehensive assessment system that includes formative and summative assessments aligned with learning objectives. To ensure that 90% of assessments effectively measure student understanding and provide actionable feedback for growth.

Our Mission  

Our mission is to empower over 100,000 students studying in class 5th to 10th by year 2027 by providing them with an online platform to assess their academic skills and supportive system. Provide them insights to achieve desired success. We aim to support coaching classes, schools, and teachers in enhancing student’s study abilities, enabling them to deliver greater value in their teaching profession.


Individual Program

We provide Online and Offline coaching for 1st to 10th students. 

Skill Tests

We have developed various skill testing program for students. It includes Reading Speed, Reading Skill, Writing Speed, Writing Skill, Math Skill tests. Currently we are offering math Test. Other programs will be launched soon.  

Workshops & Seminars

We conduct various types of workshops for students, teachers and parents.

  1. Students & Effective Study Techniques
  2. Role of Parents in kids success
  3. Students self realization
  4. Maths Magic
  5. Master Vedic Maths  
  6. Effective teaching methods


Test series

Practice makes magic in every students academic life. Our extensive test series provides students from grades 5th to 10th with a valuable tool to assess their academic progress. Developed under expert guidance, our series includes chapter‐wise, semester‐wise, mock tests, and final exam question sets. Over the past 7 years, more than 13,651 students have benefited from our test series, making it an effective resource for schools, coaching classes, institutes, and individual students. Experience the magic of practice and unlock your academic potential with our comprehensive test series.

Customized Solutions

Extensive experience, research and practice in the field of education enabled us to conduct useful customized programs for schools, coaching institutes and individuals. These are framed according to need of particular institute, which includes consultation focused on growth of school, coaching institute. Helping them to set short term and long‐term goal to achieve massive success. 

How it all works


Book your Maths Skills Test online.


Read the given instructions carefully.


Complete the test and submit it.


You will get your result immediately.


If your result is below 90% , you must Complete Maths Enhancement Programe of LRT.

Check Your Maths Skills Today

For 5th to 8th

Price:  ₹99/- Only
Worth ₹999/-

For 9th & 10th

Price:  ₹149/- Only
Worth ₹1499/-

Expert Tutors

Experienced educators offering personalized instruction & guidance to enhance learning and academic success for students of all levels.

Easy Installments

Flexible payment structure where students pay for coaching sessions individually, allowing for customized and affordable learning experiences.

Affordable Fees​

Reasonably priced coaching services, making quality education accessible and economical for students seeking professional guidance.

Why this test


To solve any problem, it’s crucial to identify its root cause. As a student, you are born with unique abilities and talents, excelling in some areas while struggling in others. However, it’s important to balance your strengths and weaknesses to succeed in your academic journey. High school education lays the foundation for your future career and life success. So, take a deep breath, and start your test now, knowing that you have the power to overcome any challenge with the right mindset and resources.
Let’s start…

Please Note:

  1. This is timer based test
  2. Follow given instructions
  3. Solve sample test first
  4. Start actual test with confidence
  5. Genuinely answer all the question
  6. Complete the test and wait for the result
  7. Follow the guidelines
  8. Try to improve your skill
  9. Send us your feedback
About us

” We prepare you to achieve your goals with professional tutors. “

Learning Revolution Technologies, founded by Mr. Rahul Sutar, has been dedicated to mentoring students and helping them excel in academics since 1992.


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