About Us

Learning Revolution Technologies, (LRT) founded by Mr. Rahul Sutar, has been dedicated to mentoring students and helping them excel in academics since 1992. With an extensive teaching background and legacy of his father Late Ankushrao Sutar, Ex. Principal of K. A. Banthia High School, Panvel, Mumbai and his Mother Late Ashawari Ankushrao Sutar, Ex. Teacher K. A. Banthia High School, Panvel, Mumbai he is taking efforts to change students life by helping them. By the means of online instruction, classroom teaching, individual coaching, and guest lectures at numerous schools, Mr. Sutar has guided more than 27,806 students to achieve improvements in their skills.

This includes individual students, as well as students from 63 different schools and 34 coaching classes. Through his experience and research, Mr. Rahul Sutar has gained valuable insights into the factors contributing to students’ academic success or failure. He has identified reasons for student failures, as well as areas where students may lack proficiency in certain subjects. Understanding the impact of skills on individual progress, Mr. Rahul Sutar has developed strategies, skill tests and programs to motivate students to maximize their potential with the active support of teachers and parents.

By working closely with teachers and parents, he aims to provide comprehensive support to students. As a mentor and coach, he collaborates with educators and parents to address the unique needs of each student. His approach involves analyzing students’ academic performance, identifying areas for improvement, and designing personalized interventions to enhance their skills.

Through his expertise and dedication, He strives to empower students to overcome academic challenges and achieve their goals. By fostering a supportive learning environment and utilizing effective teaching methods, he aims to inspire students to perform at their best and unlock their full potential.