How a math skills development program of Learning Revolution Technologies can help students? 

12 steps math Magic Program 

This program is for students of class 5th to 10th.    It’s a structured and action packed 12 step program. It is very useful for students and indirectly helps coaching class owners and schools.

Lets know how…

Improved Mathematical Proficiency: 

The program focuses on developing students’ mathematical skills and knowledge through 12 sessions, helping them become more proficient in various math concepts and topics. They gain a deeper understanding of mathematical principles, which enhances their problem‐solving abilities.

Enhanced Problem‐Solving Skills: 

The program emphasizes problem‐solving strategies, teaching students how to approach and solve mathematical problems effectively. They learn to analyze problems, identify patterns, and apply appropriate mathematical techniques to find solutions. 

Increased Confidence:  

As students develop their math skills, they gain confidence in their abilities. They become more comfortable with mathematical concepts and techniques, which leads to a positive attitude towards math. Increased confidence can have a positive impact on their overall academic.

Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills:

The program encourages critical thinking and analytical skills development. Students learn to think logically, make connections, and evaluate information. 

Real‐Life Application of Math: 

The program highlights the practical application of math in everyday life. Students understand how math is used in various fields such as finance, science, engineering, and technology. They learn to apply math concepts to solve real‐world problems, making math more relevant and meaningful to their lives.

Preparation for Future Academic and Career Success: 

A strong foundation in math provided by the program prepares students for future academic pursuits and career opportunities. Many fields, such as science, technology, engineering, and finance, require solid mathematical skills. 

Individualized Support: 

The program recognizes the diverse needs of students and provides individualized support. Students who require additional assistance receive targeted interventions and personalized learning plans. This ensures that each student’s specific needs are addressed, fostering their  overall math growth. Overall individual structured plan of action is made according to initial assessment of his or her math skill. 

Parental Involvement and Support: 

The program encourages parental involvement and provides resources for parents to support their child’s math learning at home. This collaboration between parents and teachers creates a supportive learning environment and reinforces mathematical concepts and skills.

Our math skills development program helps students to improve their mathematical proficiency. Students who have developed strong math skills are more likely to excel in these areas and pursue a wide range of career paths. It prepares them for future academic and career success while making math more relevant and applicable to their lives.

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